“The second and third acts bring out the best in the cast and all give very good performances in this non-linear unconventional drama. Cat Luedtke rages with justified wrath with her sister as Joyce in these acts.”– Richard Connema, For All Events.

“The range of the actors is amazing in their transitions to utterly different characters. The triangle of sisters Marlene (Cary Cronholm Rose) Joyce (Cat Luedtke) and daughter Angie (Katie Robbins) is stunning in its family dysfunction.” – John McFadden,

“THE FANTASTIC ACTORS ARE: Cary Cronholm Rose, Cat Luedtke, Mimu Tsujimura, Katie Robbins, Monica Capuccini, Carina Lastimosa Salazar and Megan Putnam. Supreme Actors for the Ages. How they managed I’ll never know.”-Lee Hartgrave, For All Events.

“With its many allusions, complex overlapping dialogue, and emotional fireworks it is a tour de force of ensemble playing when successfully accomplished, as it is here.”– Charles Kruger, Theatre Storm.


Cat Luedtke embodies Margaret with wit, bravado and heart-breaking realism”.

“Stacie, a barista, is played by Luedtke with jovial intensity.”- A Beast in a Jungle


“Keith Stephenson turns this bombastic character into a force of nature. In many ways, Cat Luedtke is his equal as his brash and determined mistress who is tired of playing second fiddle.-Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter.

Cat Luedtke gives a moving performance as Uncle Nasser’s Caucasian mistress.”– Richard Connema, Talking Broadway.